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The blog post that has taken 112 days to write!
Howard lived for 16 years, 8 months, and 11 days.
Today: April 10th 2017, should be his 17th Birthday.
If you knew Howard, you know; and if you didn't know him, I hope I can explain his importance to my life in a way that does him justice.
While he was indeed a dog, Howard was my everything, my heartbeat, my energy, my reason to wake up in the morning; whether I wanted to or not. From the moment he was placed in my arms I knew my life would be changed forever...and trust me it was. Not only was my life changed but my family's life was flipped on its head, we had no idea how much we could love till he was in our lives.
(Monica and Baby Howard)
Howard suffered from constant separation anxiety, which if you know a dog with this,  you can understand the struggle. He could not be left alone for extended periods of time, so we had to find appropriate care options, YES he went to doggy daycare and he loved it! I would like to take a quick moment to thank the dog daycares that he went to as they honestly were amazing and treated my boy so well. So thank you to Kinetic Canine in Victoria (website) and Go Dog LA in Los Angeles (website) you saved both my sanity and Howard's. Also a giant Thank You to Judy and Stewart who were Howard's Dog sitters and helped me out so much even when I was in L.A.,  I know how much you loved Howard and he loved you both so much.
(Monica and Howard)
Now you may be wondering why I am writing a blog post about my dog when MoMa Baby makes baby clothing. The bottom line is MoMa Baby would not exist if it were not for Howard.
(Lil'M in her MoMa Baby Spurts with Howard)
Howard is the reason for it all, while he was born and raised on Vancouver Island, Canada he was also a downtown L.A. dog and a Vancouver dog. When we moved back to Canada from L.A. Howard aged very quickly. The cold winter weather did a number on his arthritis, he developed an abscessed tooth, and a serious ear infection that landed him in the animal hospital for 3 days. Yet he bounced back from all of these with a new found zest for life, he surprised me everyday with his will to LIVE. However these extra ailments on top of his separation anxiety made it near impossible for me to accept job offers as most required open/flexible work hours and at this point I refused to put him in daycare for full days with fear that something would happen and I wouldn't be there for him. So this is how MoMa Baby started, I needed a way to work from home, and have the flexibility to give Howard the best care possible. Unfortunately 2 weeks before our official launch Howard was diagnosed with very aggressive skin cancer, he gave everything he had left fighting to live.  
112 days ago he lost that fight.
This post is about Howard but I am broken. 
There has to be more...
As result of my heartbreak I have worked tirelessly with my amazing business partner and mother (Maru) to introduce to you all The Howard Collection.

As a way to preserve his memory we created this print that contains his face and an actual imprint of his paw. 

Click HERE to shop The Howard Collection.

As a way to do more we will be donating all net proceeds from the sale of this collection to a not-for-profit animal organization, as well as donating dog beds made from the remnants of our Organic Cotton which also allows us to have ZERO textile waste.

Click HERE to shop The Howard Collection

If you made it to this point, congratulations and THANK YOU. If you knew Howard please comment with a memory you have of him.
I would also like to take the time to acknowledge some special people that have helped me throughout this difficult time.
Thank you to;
My rock... Maru! without you I wouldn't be.
Ale, Clare and Lil'M your support has meant the world to me.
Micah... you may have never met Howard but your response to his passing was what I needed.
Last but certainly not least....
HOWARD you taught me how to care, love and live. Thank You is not enough and I will miss you forever.
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Why MoMa?

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We have been working incessantly to bring our SPURTS SHORTS and SPURTS HAREMS to you, young parents of the new millennium. We attended the Vancouver Island Baby fair on September 24 and 25, and were delighted to exchange our ideas with so many of you. It is amazing how new parents and new grandparents are aware of what is important to babies of today.

I was personally thrilled to see how so many new fathers are much more involved with their little babies.

So the question was raised several times throughout the weekend: why MoMa wear? What makes us different, Why would you, parents, consider our clothes compared to other baby clothes.

It took us a great deal of research to come up with our products, and while each one has different attributes, there are common qualities that make them all the best garments for your baby.

We have chosen natural organic fabrics because we believe they are produced in a more sensitive manner towards our environment. Also they breath better reducing the risk of moisture and growth of bacteria in your baby's skin.

Each garment is individually cut for a purpose: we take each yard of fabric, and utilize that yard to its maximum thus reducing waste. Our landfills are exploding with waste from manufacturers who do not care how much fabric is not used.
We select our prints from original artists and choose them with the baby in mind. Children want to love their clothes. They like colours, shapes, and enjoy finding smiles or recognizable items in their clothing. We want them to enjoy their little outfits.

Comfort, for both parent and child. Our shorts as our harems are easy to put on, and take off. And they are soft and durable. Our bibs and headbands are made out of the same soft organic cotton so your baby's skin will never get irritated by hard surfaces.
All of our items are sewn in pre-washed, pre-shrunk fabric so that your garment will not come with surprises. Wash after wash, your garment will retain the same size and shape.

Which brings me to the main reason why MoMA has thought about you and your wallet. Your Spurts short and harem will be a part of your baby's wardrobe a lot longer than other pants. Which is why they are called SPURTS. They follow your baby's growth spurts with the foldable waistband and leg cuffs. Your baby can wear the same pant from the age of 3 months until 12 months. And then from 12 months to an incredible 4T. Most other labels will want to sell you multiple different sizes for our one piece.

So when you pick your MoMa piece, remember what went through in the making of your baby's garment. Oh, and also remember that each piece goes through our hands several times and trust me when I say that both Monica and I (Maru) find every piece endearing, and are always thrilled to see them on your babies. Our little ambassadors can attest to our drooling when they come to try and test our clothes.

That is why MoMa.

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Our Beginning...

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MoMa Baby apparel was born this summer as the brainstorm of my daughter Monica and me. A combination of the enchantment of the arrival of my granddaughter Little M, and the inundation of baby stuff! Oh yes, everywhere; new technology, new feeding theories, new fabrics to eliminate allergic skin reactions, it is endless.

So, the realization was clear that, I was a grandmother who, in the eyes of new parents, was outdated and knew little about how to raise a child. How did this happen? I am not old! I am a fit, hip, cool mom… Oh my… no more. I am nearing 60 and I have 2 options: sink into the abyss of being the resentful old grandma, or get with the program and learn everything all over again.

The truth is that I love being a grandmother today. Our children are such calm parents. They are patient, gentle and soft-spoken when they talk to their little ones. And as grandparents we have the advantage to live in a society where our children need us more than we did as new parents.

More and more of my grandparent friends are participating in the raising of their grandchildren. Just last week I went to visit my friend who was celebrating her 70th birthday. A friend, who as I recall, would have been horrified to see her children mess up her formal living room. Upon arriving, I was greeted by her little 12-month-old granddaughter who led me to this once impeccable living room filled (and I mean filled) with toys! And my friend has never looked happier! Does this sound familiar?

This is a blog of the process of growing as grandmother and aunt as intrinsic parts of the hipster parent of today. We want to hear from parents and grandparents, aunties and uncles and learn about what you all want to see in our clothes.

We are about our environment, and how to reverse the pollution that previous generations have created. We want to prolong the lifespan of our planet for our little ones by using natural, organic fabrics and minimizing waste. We want your opinion on how to accomplish this. Be a part of our experience. And YES, please share pictures of your little ones in MoMa outfits. We would love to showcase them in our website.

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Blog Coming Soon...

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